How to: Study abroad in Spain

Thinking of studying in Spain for a semester? Or a whole year? About to start your exchange program? Or perhaps you've already started but haven't quite found your groove? I've come up with a list of tips, tricks, advice and all things 'Studying on exchange in Spain'. Don't worry, I've gathered very insightful information from trusted … Continue reading How to: Study abroad in Spain


Day trip: Toledo

Trip number two! Just a day trip this time with my roommate Aline. We were blessed with flawless weather and drama-free commutes. Destination: Toledo, España When: Sun 8th March Where: A small city located 70km south of Madrid  which only took 1 hr by bus Why: Why not? It's so close! Just like Granada, it … Continue reading Day trip: Toledo

21 in Spain

Before coming to Spain, I thought that my 21st birthday would be a little uneventful without my friends and family to celebrate it with me and that it'd consist of me and bout 4 other people sharing a bottle of wine. Well the joke was on me, cause it was a trillion times better! I … Continue reading 21 in Spain

First week of university – tick! (it ain’t all smiles and sangría)

There are no secrets here, and because there are no secrets, I am going to tell it to you guys straight. I wish I could say that I was jumping out of my seat excited about my first day of university; Or that I couldn’t wait to attend class and meet new people and experience … Continue reading First week of university – tick! (it ain’t all smiles and sangría)

Madrid in just over 2 minutes

Just to keep you guys in the loop, here's a video montage that Michaela made of some of the sights we saw during our first week here (Once I settle and find my groove I'll update you guys!).   Til my next post, Besos para ti xx

the countdown is on (and I get my social life back)

3 months, 12 1/2 weeks or 88 days That's exactly how long I have until I board a plane to take me away to Madrid, Spain. Whaaaat?! I received the confirmation email today - 11th January 2015 - flights have been booked, enrolment has begun, spanish level is still the same. But in all seriousness, I … Continue reading the countdown is on (and I get my social life back)