I’ve graduated!

I am that student who secretly really cares about their grade when saying, “I don’t even care! I just want to pass!”. I know for a fact, I did not fool anyone I went on my ‘IDGAF’ rants during assessment deadlines or exam periods. I have (nearly) always done pretty well at school, I have always aimed high, and I have always quietly taken pride in myself for my academic achievements. I have been called nerd and I have been called a geek simply for doing well in school and for preferring to read a book than play a team sport (bar the 2 years I played soccer and absolutely SUCKED). But that’s okay, because I’m happy with my achievements and where they’ve put me today.



On Tuesday 2 May, I officially ended all 18 years of my formal schooling life. I graduated from university.  To some students, graduating just entails getting an expensive piece of paper that says, “Good job! You’ve made it out alive!”,  which you were probably forced to do by your parents, but it was so much more to me. I had friends who either didn’t attend their grad, didn’t want to attend but we’re forced to, or who attended but didn’t really want to be there. Then there was me. I was SO excited. I was counting down the days.

On Tuesday 2 May, I graduated from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). After 5 years, I walked away with a Distinction in a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. In the 5 years I spent at UTS, there were many ups and many downs, many unnecessary stress break-downs, WAY too many late nights (even on a Sunday) in Building 5, and a life-time supply of thai food consumed. Naturally, there were also many moments where I questioned if I was studying the right thing. But hey, I must have done something right!

The highlight of uni, however, was not the thai food (although it was definitely a top contender), but the people that I met and the life-long friends that I made along the way. My girls, my homies, my mains – we all met on day 1 aka orientation day, and we’ve been friends ever since. Despite coming from different parts of Sydney, from completely different backgrounds, with very different personalities, we clicked. And the ones I became close with during our year abroad – they were there to experience such a big milestone with me. There have been countless memories, and now they have been packed up and sealed. Labelled “Completed”.

People always say that high school are the best years, but for me, uni has been the absolute greatest by a long shot. Now that it’s officially over, it’s time to really focus on my next chapter. Let’s see where I end up.


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