Travel tips (for summer adventures) with Angelica

(based on experience) Since embarking on my great European summer adventure in 2015, I experienced many learning curves and have come up with a list of tips for future reference. Some of them are silly, others a touch more serious, but all helpful, handy and important. I hope this helps you with your next adventure! Pack a … Continue reading Travel tips (for summer adventures) with Angelica


Weekend Trip: Switzerland

This was a last minute, why-not trip to be reunited with Leigh (you may remember her from the Paris trip) in Switzerland. Zurich is officially the most expensive city to live in and a budget traveller like myself would be batshit crazy to travel there, and I honestly would not consider it if it weren’t for … Continue reading Weekend Trip: Switzerland

Done and dusted! Hasta luego Madrid

I have officially moved out. I've given back my keys, gathered all my remaining things, received my deposit back and have exchanged niceties with my landlord (who has been nothing but wonderful to me this entire year). Now I'm sitting at my kitchen table, bags packed and waiting for my shuttle to pick me up to … Continue reading Done and dusted! Hasta luego Madrid

Summer Highlights

My summer adventure is over. No more flights, overnight busses, overnight trains, ferries, sleeping on public transport, sleeping at airports, sleeping in hostel dorms with 9 other people.. for now. Of course, without a single doubt in my mind, it has been the greatest summer of my life and I wouldn’t have done it differently … Continue reading Summer Highlights

The 5 weeks of waiting is over!

After wearing the same pair of pants for a week straight (beer spills and all), after sharing clothes and toiletries with friends, after walking around in Havaianas 4 days straight in the rain, after nearly wearing my bra to shreds, after having to buy new clothes (££€€) for both seasons (damn you UK!), after having … Continue reading The 5 weeks of waiting is over!

Bad luck a.k.a A. Aquino

I have always considered myself as a person with a generally average amount of luck. Sometimes I’ve had my luck pull through and other times I’ve had my luck fall short. As of late, however, (let’s say the past 2 weeks) it has honestly felt like the universe has been shitting on me. I am … Continue reading Bad luck a.k.a A. Aquino