Travel tips (for summer adventures) with Angelica

(based on experience) Since embarking on my great European summer adventure in 2015, I experienced many learning curves and have come up with a list of tips for future reference. Some of them are silly, others a touch more serious, but all helpful, handy and important. I hope this helps you with your next adventure! Pack a … Continue reading Travel tips (for summer adventures) with Angelica


5 Reasons Why Traveling Solo Is The Way To Go

When I was younger (we're talking like 4 years ago here), I never pictured myself as the type of person to take on the world solo. I never imagined exploring cities and crossing countries on my own. I sort of always figured that travelling was something that I'd always do with someone else. I mean, … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Traveling Solo Is The Way To Go

Two week trip: England (Part 2)

Prepare yourself for super pretty photos. Oxford. aka  fake Hogwarts, aka. inspiration for some of the world's greatest literary geniuses (no bias), aka. arguably home to one of the most prestigious universities in existence, aka. fellow ex-roomie's educational hood. Since we didn't have anything in particular lined up for this stop, we decided to join … Continue reading Two week trip: England (Part 2)