Two week trip: England (Part 3)

The third and final part of my England series. One city that was continuously brought up in conversation when discussing cities that had to be on our itinerary was... Brighton. Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging was reason enough right? The walk from the train station, down¬†Kings Road lined with lights, the sound of the ocean … Continue reading Two week trip: England (Part 3)


Two week trip: England (Part 2)

Prepare yourself for super pretty photos. Oxford. aka ¬†fake Hogwarts, aka. inspiration for some of the world's greatest literary geniuses (no bias), aka. arguably home to one of the most prestigious universities in existence, aka. fellow ex-roomie's educational hood. Since we didn't have anything in particular lined up for this stop, we decided to join … Continue reading Two week trip: England (Part 2)

Two week trip: England (Part 1)

First thing's first - England is exxxyyyyy! aka. $30 AUD blown in one day on public transport. Please keep in mind we didn't even travel an hour out of the city. Like, WTF London? Moving on, these two weeks of both highly attractive and incomprehensible British accents, outrageously overpriced..well, everything, unsatisfactory coach rides, hostels and … Continue reading Two week trip: England (Part 1)