Two week trip: England (Part 3)

The third and final part of my England series.

One city that was continuously brought up in conversation when discussing cities that had to be on our itinerary was… Brighton. Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging was reason enough right? The walk from the train station, down Kings Road lined with lights, the sound of the ocean meeting the pebbled shore, the smell of the water intoxicated us with nostalgia and excitement. It felt so ridiculously good to be on the coast again. After dumping our things at the hostel (which was right next to Brighton Pier and in front of the water – brownie points!), we took a little stroll and explored the famous city. We immediately paralleled it to the English version of Surfers Paradise. Countless Bucks and Hens parties out on the prowl to drink too much alcohol and create embarrassing memories. It didn’t bother us much though – we were just glad to have the next couple of days to wind down. After satisfying my craving of hot chips in a paper cone, we headed back for the night.



DSCF6037The following day entailed taking a bus trip to The Seven Sisters (Many thanks to the girl we met at the hostel who invited us along! But apologies for not remembering your name). After a little hike through a (very) muddy trail, we eventually made it to the famous cliffs of Sussex. I felt like I was fulfilling Robbie and Cecelia’s dream for them… lel. It was beautiful. It was also freaking freezing AF. The rest of Brighton was spent walking along the beach (if you can call it that), watching F&F7, going to Easter Mass, and finally having fish and chips (!!!).


The final stop of the trip: London – again. It’s such a huge city and there are an endless list of things to do so it only seemed right to go back. We overcame Camden Markets (but omg wrong idea to go on a public holiday!), made a few purchases – no regrets -, explored the streets of Notting Hill, walked down Oxford Street, watched adorable dogs in Hyde Park in stealth mode, on the look out for their next target aka sneaky-squirrel-in-tree, and got our Shakespeare on at the Globe theatre. The absolute highlight however, was the day of Bec’s 21st birthday which was celebrated by doing the only thing that could and should be done – WE WENT TO WARNER BROTHERS HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOUR. No biggie.

No words. No words. Dream come true. Childhood.. Teenage(hood?) relived. Just. AH. sdiguhvwgosifljk. Just go, whatever you plan to do in London, just go. Worth every penny. Worth the hassle of traveling there and the crowds and the overpriced souvenirs. And yes, we did ride broomsticks and the Weasleys flying car #Lifecomplete. Here are a bunch of photos cause I clearly cannot manage to form a single coherent sentence. Disfrute!






I clearly took 34023874238 photos but these will just have to do. Like I said, you have to go there for yourself. It is life-changing. And if you’re not a HP fan, then.. I don’t understand your existence 🙂

So that sums up my trip across England! Apologies for the delay of my posts. So much has been happening with uni and whatnot so I’ve been swamped with work. Please stay tuned for the future! I’ll stay interesting, I promise.

Til my next post,
Besos para ti xx

p.s. So… long story short, I’m the idiot that forgot my wallet at a hostel near Hyde Park but only realised when I was at the airport (idiot) waiting to fly home. Drama drama drama. More drama, but I’ve finally gotten it back safe and sound! Yay! Guys, there are still good, moral people in this world.


2 thoughts on “Two week trip: England (Part 3)

  1. When are you attending Hogwarts? I sent an owl with an acceptance letter over to you. This is a wonderful tour and as I enjoy Harry Potter myself, I will add this to my bucket list.


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