One dreary day during my very last year of university, my friend Julia (you know her) and I met up at UTS library to work on one of our very last group assignments and study for end of semester exams. We were tired, unmotivated and very easily distracted. So much so that instead of walking … Continue reading phuket


my three week trip to the Philippines

I'm going to say it... it's more fun in the Philippines (this is not an ad) anyone would sponsor me (please sponsor me). My parents are from the Philippines, which makes me a first generation Australian. Because of this, I've been fortunate enough to travel back to the homeland a number of times throughout my … Continue reading my three week trip to the Philippines

I’ve graduated!

I am that student who secretly really cares about their grade when saying, "I don't even care! I just want to pass!". I know for a fact, I did not fool anyone I went on my 'IDGAF' rants during assessment deadlines or exam periods. I have (nearly) always done pretty well at school, I have always aimed … Continue reading I’ve graduated!

Angelica’s official status: Adult

This photo was taken two days ago - 9th December 2016. It was a special day. I mean, aside from the fact that the marketing team finished off at 3pm to spend the rest of the day at the Royal Botanic Gardens for bubbly, beer, food and kris kringle - that was special enough in itself. … Continue reading Angelica’s official status: Adult

Travel tips (for summer adventures) with Angelica

(based on experience) Since embarking on my great European summer adventure in 2015, I experienced many learning curves and have come up with a list of tips for future reference. Some of them are silly, others a touch more serious, but all helpful, handy and important. I hope this helps you with your next adventure! Pack a … Continue reading Travel tips (for summer adventures) with Angelica

5 Reasons Why Traveling Solo Is The Way To Go

When I was younger (we're talking like 4 years ago here), I never pictured myself as the type of person to take on the world solo. I never imagined exploring cities and crossing countries on my own. I sort of always figured that travelling was something that I'd always do with someone else. I mean, … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Traveling Solo Is The Way To Go