A delay, a tackle and a ‘welcome home’ balloon

It has been ONE MONTH - an entire month since landing at Sydney International Airport and arriving home after a year of being away from my life here. Now, before I can delve into how it has been being back, I must first share the actual story of arriving at the airport. Trust my luck, … Continue reading A delay, a tackle and a ‘welcome home’ balloon


Done and dusted! Hasta luego Madrid

I have officially moved out. I've given back my keys, gathered all my remaining things, received my deposit back and have exchanged niceties with my landlord (who has been nothing but wonderful to me this entire year). Now I'm sitting at my kitchen table, bags packed and waiting for my shuttle to pick me up to … Continue reading Done and dusted! Hasta luego Madrid

My week away to Melbourne

I recently went on a small holiday to Melbourne - a city which I've been told many times that I belong to. I was born here in Sydney, and I've spent pretty much my whole life here (with the exclusion of the year I lived the the Philippines), but when I entered the small, culturally-rich city, it … Continue reading My week away to Melbourne

my first trip to the MCA

I'm ashamed to admit that before a week ago, I had never been to the Museum of Contemporary Art in The Rocks, Sydney. Actually, I've hardly explored Sydney's art scene despite living here my whole life. Considering myself somewhat 'artsy', I was fidgety with excitement when Michaela declared that we would be spending the following day at … Continue reading my first trip to the MCA

what i’ll miss most (part 2)

Continuing on with what I'll miss when I move next year, as promised. 3. My solo bus rides to and from the city: The twice daily commute. Okay, so there are a lot of times when I really don't like this part of my day. Like when the bus is absolutely packed, and we're all squished … Continue reading what i’ll miss most (part 2)

What I’ll miss most (Part 1)

Inspired by my good friend Michaela, who also happens to be my soon-to-be flat mate and up-and-coming youtube star, I have decided to make a list of things I'll miss the most next year during my year away from home. When I started thinking about what I would include in this, a lot of different … Continue reading What I’ll miss most (Part 1)