Angelica’s official status: Adult

This photo was taken two days ago - 9th December 2016. It was a special day. I mean, aside from the fact that the marketing team finished off at 3pm to spend the rest of the day at the Royal Botanic Gardens for bubbly, beer, food and kris kringle - that was special enough in itself. … Continue reading Angelica’s official status: Adult



/ˈɛksɪmə,ˈɛkzɪmə/ Atopic dermatitis (eczema) is a recurring, inherited, inflammatory skin condition. Symptoms include patches or areas of dry, itching, scaling and reddened skin. When I was born, the doctor reassured my parents, "Don't worry, she'll grow out of it". As I grew older, they passed these words onto me and my young self took them … Continue reading ECZEMA

To be creative is not for the faint-hearted

Creativity takes courage - Henri Matisse I believe that wholeheartedly. Countless times, I've emotionally voiced the following words: "I haven't drawn in so long. I miss it." But did I follow that up? Did I do something about it? No. I continued on not drawing, and I continued missing it. But why? I did not … Continue reading To be creative is not for the faint-hearted

My struggle with the transition (and my successes)

I'm sitting here at my favourite little café in the heart of Sydney CBD, satisfied after inhaling my "Organic Golden Quinoa Detox" salad (trying to ignore the $20 price-tag) waiting for my pot of green tea to cool down and feeling happy; grounded. I didn't, however, quite feel this way not that long ago. When I … Continue reading My struggle with the transition (and my successes)

This year has changed me

Before embarking on this year abroad, I had a certain expectation of what I would get out of it. I have always been the type of person who thinks in the long-term. Actually, I think of the future a lot. And this time last year, me being me, I was imagining how my 2015 would pan out. What … Continue reading This year has changed me

Weekend Trip: Paris

Second weekend trip of the year! This was a trip that started off as a casual bus-ride-catching-up conversation I had with my oldest and very dear friend Leigh (current Zurich resident and European explorer since July 2014), sometime in 2013 when we bumped into each other on the bus one time on the way to … Continue reading Weekend Trip: Paris