My struggle with the transition (and my successes)

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I’m sitting here at my favourite little café in the heart of Sydney CBD, satisfied after inhaling my “Organic Golden Quinoa Detox” salad (trying to ignore the $20 price-tag) waiting for my pot of green tea to cool down and feeling happy; grounded. I didn’t, however, quite feel this way not that long ago.

When I first got back from Spain, I was a blur. My emotions were clouded, I was constantly on my toes, with catch up breakfasts and catch up brunches and catch up lunches… and catch up dinners, and coming to terms with being in Australia,  not Spain. Of course, with the high comes the low not far behind. Once this died down, friends went back to being graduates and full time workers rather than the seemingly commitment-free people they were during those first few weeks. One by one, those that came back with me from Spain all landed jobs, stopped living in what we called our year of “limbo” and started their lives here in Sydney again. And then, there was me.

The month and a half or so that followed was another limbo for me altogether. I was jobless, assignmentless, moneyless and apparently time rich. It’s always been in my nature to be a “busy body”. As much as I may complain about being stressed or time poor, I thrive off being busy. Off always being occupied. Off doing. This period of my life was the exact opposite. And I felt absolutely deflated. I was struggling with the notion that everyone around me was getting on with their lives, taking on the world, and here I was, stationary, with no immediate direction.

It’s only now that I’m starting to feel like I’m in control again – like I’m now a member of the ‘got-a-hold-on-life-with-2-hands’ club. Slowly, and then almost suddenly (insert that cliché simile of how it feels to fall asleep – or fall in love) the pieces of my life fell into place. Managing to scrape past the vicious claws of the retail world, I am now a freelance writer for two companies and apparently a fresh, doe-eyed, still-learning-to-walk marketing intern for a start-up! Uni is now nearing the end of its second week, and I’m getting back into a routine. My life has stability, structure, direction (bagging a loving boyfriend was a bonus).

I am very happy with where I am right now at this point in my life and am so grateful for the opportunities that have presented themselves over the past month and a bit #blessed. From here, there’s no other way to go but UP!


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