The 5 weeks of waiting is over!

After wearing the same pair of pants for a week straight (beer spills and all), after sharing clothes and toiletries with friends, after walking around in Havaianas 4 days straight in the rain, after nearly wearing my bra to shreds, after having to buy new clothes (££€€) for both seasons (damn you UK!), after having to use a fellow backpacker’s spare bag, after not having a laptop cause the battery died*, after the lost euros from checked in baggage fees going unused, after spending hours on hold with the lost luggage services, after wasting life going and back and forth from airports, after ridiculously rude customer service and employees not knowing anything about their own company, after all the fuss and wondering the fate of my belongings,


I have finally been reunited with my lover.

I mean, it only took 5 weeks. Joder.

Can I just add though, I had to go to the airport myself to retrieve my luggage as opposed to it being delivered to me – as it should have been since THEY LOST IT – but no, my airline ‘doesn’t have a delivery service in Madrid’ #bullshit. They also failed to tell me this themselves, and it took someone from Amsterdam to pass on the message cause clearly customer service here is useless. 

Also just a huge shout out to:
Nadia: for letting me use all your clothes/toiletries etc. and not getting mad when I somehow got bright red lippy on your gorgeous white top (woops)
Michaela: for also letting me use your clothes and for staying patient when I had to buy new things
Irene: for helping me TRY and contact luggage services in Madrid day after day
You girls are fabulous. Forever grateful guapas!

Til my next post,
Besos para ti xx

*The whole time I believed my laptop charger was in my pack. I was wrong. Location unknown. Ended up having to buy a new charger today altogether anyway (which I could have easily done so much earlier.. ugh) ¡Adiós mis €€€!


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