How to: Study abroad in Spain

Thinking of studying in Spain for a semester? Or a whole year? About to start your exchange program? Or perhaps you've already started but haven't quite found your groove? I've come up with a list of tips, tricks, advice and all things 'Studying on exchange in Spain'. Don't worry, I've gathered very insightful information from trusted … Continue reading How to: Study abroad in Spain


Being the ‘International Student’

(In a non-english environment) Now I understand. I'd like to take this moment to apologise to all of the international students who I was short with, who I was impatient with and even to those I never gave the time of day. I am sorry. I am an international student. I am an international student in Spain. … Continue reading Being the ‘International Student’

Frustrations of an exchange student

Warning: the following is more a 1:00am rant than an actual blog Let's just clarify things. This year has NOT been one big holiday - as many of you may believe. I am on student exchange after all. I just simply choose to share my travels, cause let's be real, you don't want to see me … Continue reading Frustrations of an exchange student

My first month in Madrid

Yep. Been here for one whole month. Pretty sure it feels like I only just landed a few days ago, but alright. Actually, it feels like the same rush of emotions I experience when I realise that my high school graduation wasn't yesterday and that I've been in university for three years (going on four). … Continue reading My first month in Madrid

2am reflections on a plane

According to the flight tracker, I still have 11 hours and 4 minutes until I land in Dubai, which will be followed by another 8 hour flight to Madrid. I’m currently 35,000 ft in the air, George Ezra is serenading me, Mic is beside me trying to get some sleep (as I type loudly) and … Continue reading 2am reflections on a plane

uh-oh. mi español no es bueno.

Guys, my spanish ... sucks. So bad. As part of my degree, it's compulsory that I have to study spanish before I go for my in-country study, aka "intercambio". This has been happening since the start of 2013, and honestly, I should be pretty sweet to hold semi-decent conversations. This is not the case. For shame … Continue reading uh-oh. mi español no es bueno.