uh-oh. mi español no es bueno.

Guys, my spanish … sucks. So bad.

As part of my degree, it’s compulsory that I have to study spanish before I go for my in-country study, aka “intercambio”. This has been happening since the start of 2013, and honestly, I should be pretty sweet to hold semi-decent conversations. This is not the case. For shame Angelica!

I was fortunate enough to meet students from my host university who are currently on exchange here for the semester. One of them kindly agreed to help me with my Spanish on a weekly basis (bless her soul) over brunch – today was our first meeting. ‘Struggle’ would be an understatement.

gnome café

(Just for pointless background info: we had brunch at Gnome Café. I found it especially strange that breakfast isn’t a big thing in Spain – breakfast is only the BEST meal of the day – and that Carmen only ordered a brownie slice, while I on the other hand, helped myself to a full serving of spiced chickpeas, avocado and a whole bunch of brunchly-wonderfulness. I forgot to take photos – please forgive me) 

gnome café

In my own defence, I was able to understand a fair bit more than what I thought I could or was expecting, so that was an upside. Sin embargo, when it came to responding or asking questions, ohhhhhhh myyy; completely different story. I’m telling you, the struggle was real. Carmen was very patient with me and helped me with my pronunciations but this first meeting consolidated what I knew – I sucked. I knew I sucked, but wow, this was like receiving a certificate framed and polished congratulating me on my profound failure at speaking spanish.

I have to get my act together! And fast! It’s only less than 4 months until I leave and get thrown in the deep end (reminding you that all my subjects are going to be 100% spanish)!
It’ll definitely be an interesting first few months, that’s for sure! If any of you are spanish-savvy, please contact me! I need all the help I can get.

Til my next post, (hopefully with a bit more spanish)

Besos para ti xx


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