10th 11th 12th

Last week I finally attended a long-awaited meeting re: ICS Spain 2015. Many things were covered (information overload!) and I was able to meet students who are here on exchange from my host university, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and suss things out.

We covered:

  • passports
  • visa applications
  • student residence cards
  • police checks
  • consulate visits

As well as university applications, varying academic calendars, vacation dates, degrees and subjects we can take and how our universities vary from UTS . However what I was most concerned about was my departure date. Now the tickets haven’t been booked just yet, and nothing has been 100% confirmed but what I do know is that I will be arriving in Madrid anytime from the 10th January 2015 to the 12th of January 2015 *cue the struggle of containing my excitement*. My orientation day is on the 20th of Jan and classes officially start on the 26th. Don’t worry, I’ll represent us and celebrate Australia Day accordingly, Aussie Flag and all (I’ve heard that Europeans love Aussies.. right?). Maybe less of this…

And more of this…


Just thought I’d keep you guys in the loop! Things are getting legit – now to figure out what classes I want to take and start applying!


Til my next post,

Besos para ti xx


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