21 in Spain

Before coming to Spain, I thought that my 21st birthday would be a little uneventful without my friends and family to celebrate it with me and that it’d consist of me and bout 4 other people sharing a bottle of wine. Well the joke was on me, cause it was a trillion times better!

I was spoilt (not like off milk). I felt special. I felt loved. I actually momentarily forgot about the time difference between Australia and Spain (I am so smart, S-M-R-T) and was happily surprised by the influx of greetings and well wishes from half way across the world even though it was still 10 hours until it was the 4th Feb here. Upon waking up, had a cute birthday call from mum who ruined her own surprise of getting flowers delivered to my place (bless) and a whole lot more whatsapp, snapchat, instagram, twitter and facebook greetings. Unfortunately I had to go to uni (gotta love accounting at 9am on your birthday) but I was surprised by Michaela who bought me gifts and new friends in my classes greeted me as well. After a lot of logistical drama, I went home after uni to be met by not only gorgeous flowers from my parents but also a new roomie (2 for 1 special on Birthday surprises). That night, the girls met at Michaela’s place where a cake – which was incredibly delicious -, champas and wine were waiting for me (gracias Mic!), followed by more festivities at Vacaciones Bar in Malasaña aka hispter town of Madrid. And por supuesto, we end up at El Tigre to finish off the night. It was heartwarming to see new and old faces show up to celebrate with me even just for a bit. Again, thank you to everyone who came to see me that day and made it special. Oh, and, I was met with another new roomie when I got home! Yay friends!

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That weekend, my amazing friends from UTS, also on exchange around Spain and France, came all the way down to Madrid just to celebrate my birthday with me (totes spoilt). We went to Teatro Kapital, the go-to club in Madrid (or so I’m told) with its 7 stories of pumping music and professional dancers. Despite inevitably losing each other within the first 15 minutes, I can most certainly say it was a night we won’t forget – based on what I can remember, that is. It’s also incredibly convenient that I can walk home from clubs here – defs don’t need to worry about dezzos this year aye. We ended up stumbling home at around 6 am and I can vaguely remember the roomies gathered in the kitchen/lounge area drunkenly chowing down food and feeling like I was going to puke from eating too much rather than drinking too much (trust). Props to Julia who turns into a masterchef when she’s drunk.

(so devastated that I didn’t get any more photos but here’s a vlog mic made re: me @21)

Thankfully, most of us had bearable hangovers so the rest of the weekend was spent taking the girls around Madrid, eating and having tea breaks, and catching up on each others’ new lives here in Europe.

Now I can proudly say that I celebrated my 21st in España.


Til my next post (which is soon),
Besos para ti xx


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