A whole lot of OMGs and freaking out

A few nights ago, after finishing work for the night and closing up the store I looked at my phone to check the time. Instead, I was met with a message from one of my good friends, Bec, who studies spanish with me at UTS and who also happens to be travelling to Spain next year. It read:
“Leer tu correo electrónico ahora!”
I realised I stopped breathing. This was it. This is what we’d been waiting for since I can’t even remember when. We were supposed to receive an email during our semester break informing us of where we would be attending university next year but for what I believe to be unsubstantial reasons, this crucial announcement had been pushed back and back.. and back. So clearly, Bec’s message could only imply one thing. I tried getting into my inbox as fast as I could (of course, it being the only time I consecutively mistype my password three times) whilst walking at super-human pace toward my bus stop (I presume out of excitement). I see the email.  I disregarded everything except for one line.

“I can confirm that students who nominated the following locations as their first preferences will be placed at their preferred locations: Carlos III (Madrid)…”

I freaked. OUT.
I called Bec straight away and the whole conversation pretty much consisted of countless “OMG’s” and “I’M FREAKING OUT’s”. You should have seen me frantically walking across Pyrmont bridge at 9:30pm on a Friday night. There were quite a few on-lookers. Once that conversation was over, I freaked out again and called my best friend, Emilie. And then again when I called Michaela, my now official travel buddy – she’s going to Madrid with me! (AAAHHH!)

So there you have it!
As of January 2015, I will officially be a student of La Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, España!


Til my next post,

Besos para ti xx

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6 thoughts on “A whole lot of OMGs and freaking out

    1. Oh really! That’s great! It’s only about 25 mins away from UC3M 🙂 When are you going to be studying there?


    2. I’m so excited for you! Are you going to be renting an apartment in the city or does your uni have student residence? Maybe we can meet up when I eventually start my own exchange! 🙂


    3. Oh that’s so cool! I think I’ll be using Airbnb for the first week or so until I find my own apartment. Add me on FB so we can talk! 🙂


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