my bucket list: still in the making

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Just over a month ago as a Bon Voyage present for a dear friend of mine who was off to live in Europe for a year, I made a little Bucket List for her to bring with her on her gap year. If you’re on struggle street trying to read what it says, it reads:


  1. Watch a Flamenco dance in Barcelona
  2. Build a snowman in the Alps
  3. Feel like a peasant in Versailles (lol)
  4. Have a Brother Bear experience watching the Northern Lights in Norway
  5. Have pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Naples
  6. Galavant around Lochness and Highlands in a kilt
  7. Swiss chocolate… enough said
  8. Ride a vespa around Florence
  9. Take advantage of the free tapas in Granada
  10. Create stories you CAN’T tell the kids in Mykonos
  11. Find a cutie and take a candlelit cruise along the canals of Amsterdam
  12. … oh and a gondola ride through Venice
  13. Peg tomatoes at strangers in Pamplona
  14. Watch the sunrise and sunset in Santorini
  15. Café hop in Paris and slip in to a food coma
  16. Expand your beer horizons in Munich at Oktoberfest
  17. Explore the endless markets of Marrakech
  18. Ride a hot air balloon in Geneva
  19. Get a tan in the Canary Islands
  20. Take a selfie with a local in every city

… & fall in LOVE 


Since making that list, every single one of my social media accounts have been bombarded with photos and posts from what feels like, my entire list of friends/followers. What all of these posts and photos had in common was that they were all about Europe. Seriously, It’s like the whole of Australia (or the Australians that I know anyway) up and decided to roam Europe through the whole of June, July and August. It’s safe to say that the rest of us here (who weren’t on sailing trips in Croatia or skydiving in the Alps) were getting sick of browsing our newsfeeds. However, from the huge influx of posts, I have been able to come up with a few (or more than a few) ideas for what I can – i mean, will do next year.I’m completely open for suggestions though. What do you guys think I MUST do when I’m in Europe? Must see’s, Must do’s, Must eat’s*. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Til my next post,
Besos para ti xx

*this is of top priority, obviously 

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