NYC 2013: galleries and inspiring architecture

This was one trip that definitely ended much too soon. I wasn’t given enough time to truly take in the richness of this incredible city and everything that it was more than willing to offer me. It was begging to be explored. These captured moments fail to encapsulate the life, the history, the culture that is NY but I hope that you can get a feel for how this city looked through my eyes.

I left a part of me in New York, and I hope to leave a little bit more of me there soon – just enough for it to miss me back.

Besos para ti NYC xx

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One thought on “NYC 2013: galleries and inspiring architecture

  1. Love your entry. NY have that thing that takes away something from you so it’s makes sure you have… No, you MUST come back. I’m cold bring the days I can go back there again. Chao! 😉


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