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Firstly, I’m terrible at sticking with things so let’s just see how we go with keeping this as up-to-date and as spectacularly interesting as possible. Secondly, most of the time my head is filled with jumbled up, incoherent thoughts so please don’t expect brilliantly articulate posts that form any sense whatsoever (you’ve been warned).Okay, so actually getting into things – I’ve made the bold decision of starting this little blog mainly to:

  1. Document my year abroad in España, 2015, to have something to look back on
  2. Ensure that my friends and family back at home can keep track of my life
  3. Have another means of procrastination (like i need any more)

In saying that, I should really explain myself cause some of you may be thinking, “what year abroad?”. Here’s my little story.

I never (ever) thought I’d ever become one of those students who go on exchange and study in another country. I always idealised the notion of it and became incredibly jealous of those that did – but no, never did I think I’d be one of them. When I put in my preferences for university at the end of high-school, I included B. of Arts in International Studies & B. of Business at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) as a whim and moreso because my mum told me it’d be a great opportunity. To be honest with you, I really didn’t know what B. of International Studies was, nor did I know what doing a double-degree entailed. Next thing I knew, I received an acceptance offer and was being asked to choose which major I wanted to take for Int. Studies.
Stop. Wait. Hang on. What?!I didn’t think I’d get the offer, let alone actually accept it. I received other offers for different courses but for some reason (fate?) I accepted this particular one. And now here I am, about to (sort of) embark on the most monumental mile stone of my life thus far.
For those of you who still aren’t quite sure what I’m on about, B. of Arts in International Studies pretty much involves choosing a major (e.g. Spain, France, Japan), learning that country’s language and their history/culture and then spending exactly 1 full year abroad studying in that country a.k.a. In-Country Study (ICS).The reason I chose Spain was because I already knew how to speak Tagalog (the Filipino language) which is significantly influenced by Spanish. I figured this little advantage would help me out a bit, which it has. The second reason I chose Spain was because it was in Europe and I’ve never been there before. You can see the appeal. And I’m sure you can all agree that Spanish is such a sexy language. You can just about say anything and sound like you’ve brought your flirting A-game!So that’s pretty much it! I’m working insane hours at two jobs, studying full-time (spanish included) and preparing for my year away from home!

I can’t wait to share everything with all of you!
Besos para ti xx

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