Done and dusted! Hasta luego Madrid

I have officially moved out. I've given back my keys, gathered all my remaining things, received my deposit back and have exchanged niceties with my landlord (who has been nothing but wonderful to me this entire year). Now I'm sitting at my kitchen table, bags packed and waiting for my shuttle to pick me up to … Continue reading Done and dusted! Hasta luego Madrid


How to: Study abroad in Spain

Thinking of studying in Spain for a semester? Or a whole year? About to start your exchange program? Or perhaps you've already started but haven't quite found your groove? I've come up with a list of tips, tricks, advice and all things 'Studying on exchange in Spain'. Don't worry, I've gathered very insightful information from trusted … Continue reading How to: Study abroad in Spain

Being the ‘International Student’

(In a non-english environment) Now I understand. I'd like to take this moment to apologise to all of the international students who I was short with, who I was impatient with and even to those I never gave the time of day. I am sorry. I am an international student. I am an international student in Spain. … Continue reading Being the ‘International Student’

Frustrations of an exchange student

Warning: the following is more a 1:00am rant than an actual blog Let's just clarify things. This year has NOT been one big holiday - as many of you may believe. I am on student exchange after all. I just simply choose to share my travels, cause let's be real, you don't want to see me … Continue reading Frustrations of an exchange student

This year has changed me

Before embarking on this year abroad, I had a certain expectation of what I would get out of it. I have always been the type of person who thinks in the long-term. Actually, I think of the future a lot. And this time last year, me being me, I was imagining how my 2015 would pan out. What … Continue reading This year has changed me

From Hotels to Hostels – why paying less gets you so much more

Before this year, I never considered a hostel as an accommodation option when traveling. As pretentious as this is going to sound, I had really only considered hotels as the solitary way to go. Boy was I wrong (and I admit, sheltered). I was naïve to the backpacking scene. I am now a 100% supporter … Continue reading From Hotels to Hostels – why paying less gets you so much more