I am home.

September 1st, 2015. Taking the last few steps out of my metro stop and walking into the plaza that connects to my street brought me such an elated feeling, I couldn’t help but smile to myself. This feeling continued to grow as I walked down the street, recognised the faces inside the local tiendas and reached the door to my apartment building. Home. I was home. My room was just as I’d left it. Balcony shutters open, clothes strewn on the chair (in my manic rush to pack before I left), post-it calendar and postcards still stuck on my wall.

I was enveloped with familiarity.

Not everything was as I’d remembered it though. Let’s state the obvious first – I had new flat mates (who I’m completely thrilled about just fyi). A new frozen yoghurt place opened where a cafe once was. The building on the corner that was covered with scaffolding for months and months was now a beautifully decorated theatre. The store where I did my grocery shopping (aka ‘the ghetto’ according to Mic) was now shoppers paradise – so clean, so shiny, so organised #soglam.

Running errands, I took the long routes, breathing in my surroundings instead of focussing on getting from point A to point B. I was on cloud 9. Madrid, you beauty. I had forgotten just how stunning this city was.. is. I fell in love with it all over again. I love the streets lined with small bars and restaurants, I love the countless plazas overflowing with life, I love the atmosphere at Templo de Debod during sunset, I love the treasure that is Parque del Buen Retiro, I love the freedom of being able to walk everywhere, I love the rooftop bars, I love the beautiful building facades, I love the stroll along the Royal Palace, I love (daily) wine nights, I love that nearly every day is sunny, (I love that everything is more affordable than Sydney… I mean, guys, 2€ bottles of wine), I love how alive the streets are at night, I love how coming home at 07:00 after a night out is acceptable, I love Tierra Burritos.

But the more I think about just how much I love living here, the sadder I get about the fact that I only have less than 100 days left here in this city, let alone in this incredible continent. I have to make these remaining days matter. This is when it really counts. I need to make the most of every day, every moment, every opportunity.

So here’s to living it up before I have to go back to reality (whilst trying not to drown in uni work)!

Til my next post,
Besos para ti xx


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