saying goodbyes and celebrating fake birthdays

I’ve said my goodbyes and I’ve received countless well wishes (there were even a few tears). This is my last week. Today is Sunday. I leave next Sunday oh em gee.

Incredible friends and family battled the heat of the Australian sun as well as the crowds of locals and tourists alike brought in by a perfect summer day, to share a couple (and then some) of drinks with me at the iconic Opera Bar. High school friends, university friends, work friends and family all came to see me one last time. Even though some had to go early and others couldn’t make it ’til near the end of the evening, it meant the world to me that they came all the way to the city to see me anyway. Feeling blessed guys, feeling blessed.


A few days later I held una fiesta at home that combined my farewell and (early) 21st birthday. This was particularly for my extended family and my very closest friends. Speaking truthfully, it wouldn’t be a birthday worth having if I couldn’t celebrate with all of them (ew so cheezy). Even my family from Brisbane came down for the weekend! The theme – yes, I threw a themed party – was Español, of course. Think colourful bunting, a lifetime supply of tapas, sangría and the musical stylings of Señor Enrique Iglesias. Again, we battled the notorious heat that accompanies 3 de la tarde, sangría/cerveza/sidrera/mojito in hand(s) and ate to our stomachs’ desires, Enrique and Ricky in the background. Many more drinks were had and some escaped the heat by having a dip in the pool. After much anticipation (on my end) it was cake time but before I could get myself a slice, I was surprised by a series of speeches from the most special people in my life. Even a very dear friend of mine who is currently in Switzerland had a speech ready for me (which tipped me over the ‘no crying’ edge). Can I just add that I never ended up getting a slice of cake *cries*


Loved. That is what I feel. Loved and forever grateful.



Til my next post,
Besos para ti xx

(Shout out to my parents, family and friends who help made this happen! Thank you x a mil)



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