2014, you were great (most of the time)

my year

2014 was one hell of a year to say the least.

I’d have to say 2k14 has been my toughest year yet – full of laughs, tears, food and life lessons. As you can see, my life was pretty much into full gear from the start and never really slowed down. The gaps were only left empty because I couldn’t find the time to keep it updated! As cliché as it sounds, this year sped by so fast. Every conversation had was laced with the self-assuring facade that I still had plenty of time .. for everything. ‘I still have forever till the end of semester’, ‘I can’t be bothered, I have a load of time to do that later’, ‘I’ll practice my Spanish when I have more time’, ‘I’ll worry about that when the time comes’ – Well, the time has come. I’ve (finally) come to the realisation that time is a precious thing, that’ll disappear before you if you don’t watch it close enough.

Here are a few highlights and lessons from my 2014:

  • I finally got my drivers licence – yay for 90km/h limits
  • I realised who my true friends were and who were only meant to be in my life for a short period of time
  • I learnt how to do my eyebrows (eyebrow game = strong)
  • Hard work does pay off in the end
  • I had Frangos for the first time and got a glimpse of heaven
  • Outcomes will happen a lot faster if you just ask – it never hurts to ask (whether it be out of sheer curiosity or even if you just need a helping hand)
  • I witnessed my baby niece take her first steps on her own
  • I now have a better understanding of what exhaustion is
  • John Mayer, Michael Buble, Justin Timberlake (goodbye ovaries)
  • I (sort of) learnt how to deal with difficult personalities .. ish
  • Made it home just in time to watch the Blues end the drought #uptheblues
  • Successfully cooked a tapas feast without burning down the house
  • Put more of an effort into your relationships
  • I now know what it feels like to be physically fit … but this did not last long
  • Watched Wicked for the first time
  • Also went to Sculptures by the Sea for the first time
  • Life is fragile – don’t waste a single minute and be grateful for every day

Now, I have a mere 9 days left until I embark on the biggest adventure of my life thus far and truthfully, I can’t pinpoint one emotion. I’m excited, stressed, anxious, worried and keen as a bean (it’s a very tiresome thing, to feel all these at once). I catch myself zoning out more and more, as the realisation that the time I have left here in Sydney is less and less seeps in and plagues every thought running through my mind, and the feeling that I need to be doing more. I need to see friends and family before I leave, I need to get my international student card, I need to pack and re-pack, I need to apply for a global currency card, I need to convert my money, I need to prepare all my personal/travel documents – the list goes on! So much for being ‘organised’ huh?

Forever freaking out (til my next post),
Besos para ti xx


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