¿tienes una habitación disponible en madrid?

Here’s a very (very) brief summary of how ‘grown-up’ I am:

  • I still live at home,
  • the only bill I have to pay is my credit card and
  • the only other person I’ve lived with other than my parents is my best friend (it was only for a week though.. and technically it was a week on holiday, so I guess that doesn’t count either).

Now it’s time for me to be a big girl.

As of late, my current numero uno pass-time has been apartment hunting – madrid apartment hunting. A minimum of 11 tabs have been open day in and day out, comprising of easypiso.com, idealista.com and erasmusu.com and any flat-sharing FB pages in Madrid that I could find.  I’ve put up a couple of ads, “20 year old student from Sydney Australia looking for ‘un piso compartido’ … I’m friendly and outgoing… I’m clean and organised … I can help with english!” yada yada yada. Who wouldn’t want to live with me? And I guess I’ve set a certain criteria that possible future homes need to meet. For instance: max 4 roomies (preferably students/spanish speaking), close to city centre, wi-fi. It got a touch more complicated when minimum renting periods were thrown into the equation. I didn’t think it would become this difficult. Beggars can’t be choosers aye (me = struggling student = poor = beggar).

Over the past two days I’ve had my visa approved, spoken to the landlord of a possible apartment that may one day (in the very near future) be my home for the next year, favourited a handful of potentials, and have been approached by a number of other exchange or erasmus students asking if I’d like to be roomies with them. Let’s hope there aren’t major personality clashes next year (pls)!

Oh and I forgot to mention, Mic (who has now started her own blog) and I have decided to live apart next year cause we realised can’t stand each other (she’s a pain in the ass). Nah, I’m kidding – but we did realise if we lived together, it’d defeat the purpose of our university course and purpose of our exchange program entirely. Cause let’s face it, if we lived together we wouldn’t be speaking spanish at home. We are, however, together at the start; Our hostel has been booked (which we already stuffed up by choosing wrong dates.. but let’s just move past that) and we’ve pretty much made the ultimatum that we must find our home-away-from-home before the 18th of Jan.

Challenge Accepted!

Til my next post,

Besos para ti xx

Btw, if you’re looking for a roommate or are trying to find an apartment too, let me know! We can help each other out 🙂


2 thoughts on “¿tienes una habitación disponible en madrid?

  1. thanks guurl. also living separately will allow us to cover more Madrid ground in the “spying on cute guys in our neighbourhood” assignment and “can i crash here its closer than my house” assessment. not to mention the “i ran out of food what do you have” quizzes.


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