one last time

AKA the last week and final exam period of this semester and this year before intercambio en España.

This also marks the very last Spanish exam I’ll ever have to take at UTS (unless of course i decide to pick up spanish as an elective when i get back in 2016.. we’ll see). I do believe this calls for celebrations mis amigos! This isn’t just a personal achievement. This is most definitely a shared achievement that I couldn’t have done without my chicas who have been there (struggling with me) every step of the way through these past two years. Thanks girls for making Spanish that much more fun and making my university experience that much more memorable. No puedo esperar for everything that awaits us next year – don’t worry Marina and Lils, we’ll think of you guys the whole time!

I introduce to you, my blogging family, las chicas españolas (and how we ‘study’):


After the exam last night, which might I add, was not as breezy as we were all expecting it to be, about half the class ended up at the bar next to our university to 1) drink away our failures and 2) celebrate getting through two years of Spanish (I forgot my camera so apologies for lack of visual aid). Since there’s always been a high chance of having the same people in your class every semester, at this point we all pretty much knew each other or of each other. And it only just started to hit home that this might possibly be the last time we see each other.. ever.

Classes are done, the semester is done, and in a mere few weeks we’ll all be boarding different planes to different countries around the world. How crazy right? Someone pass me the tissues! From here all I can say is, ¡buena suerte y adiós!


Til my next post,
Besos para ti xx



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